Friday, 6 January 2012

Student Profiles: Miriam Abou-Shehada

Third year student Miriam Abou-Shehada answers some questions about her work experience at PropShop Modelmakers in Pinewood Studios, Bucks.

Here is Miriam (second from the left) with fellow workers, and some of her work:

How long were you there?  1 month and 3 months in the Summer

What did you work on?

‘Wrath of the Titans’ 2012
‘47 Ronin’ 2012
‘Dark Shadows’ 2012
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ 2012
‘Jack the Giant Killer’ 2012
‘Snow White and the Huntsman’
‘World War Z’ 2014
‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ 2011
‘Bond 23 - Skyfall’ 2012
McCains Chips advert – ‘Chip Perfection’ 2011 (see below)

What did you do on that project?  LOTS of Resin, foam Casting, Silicon moulding, scenic painting, spray painting, polystyrene sculpting, sanding, filling, gluing, polishing, basic workshop maintaining and making lots of Tea!

What did you get out of it?  The possibility of a Job once I have graduated. Experience in the industry; quick methods, making things I had never made before, using tools I had never used before. An insight into how things are actually made in films and being there to experience first hand. Going on sets of a film especially is exciting, especially when you see that scene in the cinema after it’s finished. Learning about being freelance, how to be on production of a film, how much props cost to make, the skills needed in order to be successful in this industry.

What do you think of the work placement aspect of doing the course?


Well done Miriam.  With the possibility of a job for the taking when you complete this year, it sounds like it has been more than worth the effort!

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